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SAW Touchscreen

Anti-Glare Series Touchscreens, possess the following features:
1. Using specialized materials, this series of products greatly reduces the light reflected to the eyes from the surface of the touchscreen to protect your eyes and increase the clarity of the display.
2. This series of products are typically designed for outdoor application or strong-light environments.
3. All models of our products can be designed with anti-glare function, according to specific requirements.The scale of anti-glare is also adjustable.


  • Technology: Surface Acoustic Wave(SAW)
  • Resolution: 4096*4096
  • Material: Pure glass
  • Light Transmission: 90% - 92%
  • Response time: 16ms
  • MultiPoint Touch: Software discrimination

Typical Applications

Gaming / Casino Systems
Slot Machine
Outdoor & indoor kiosk
Entertainment machine
Transportation Ticketing
Customized solution